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Conspiracy theories and fake news abound on the internet and social media. Former US President Donald Trump is dead, according to fake news. Is Trump dead? Here’s a simple check of the facts.

President Joe Biden is more popular than the past president. While Biden’s popularity has dwindled, at least two statistical indicators suggest that Trump is now more popular than he was during his presidency.

Trump has a larger following than Biden.
Google searches for Trump surpassed those for Biden in 2021, and the trend has continued in 2022. Even if Biden’s popularity has plummeted, Trump remains popular in the polls. The findings of various surveys performed between November 3, 2021, and December 19, 2021, collated by Real Clear Politics, showed that if the election were held now, Trump would defeat Biden.



Trump’s popularity vs. Biden’s

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Rising inflation, the handling of the Afghanistan issue, and rising gasoline prices, all of which are at least largely due to Biden’s policies, are among the reasons why American voters are losing faith in him. In the first year, his popularity dropped by 30 points, the largest loss in 75 years.

Was there a plot to assassinate Trump?
Thomas Welnicki, 72, of Rockaway Beach, has been charged with making a death threat against Trump. Welnicki viewed Trump as a threat to democracy, referring to him as “Hitler” at one point. Wernicke’s lawyers, on the other hand, claim that he had no intention of harming anyone and was simply expressing his rage.

Trump is a businessman as well as a politician.
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Below the commercial, the article continues.
Trump isn’t any longer alive.


To put the rumors to rest, Trump is not dead. In politics and business, he is still highly active. Trump has been holding enormous rallies, indicating that he plans to run for president again in 2024. Only Grover Cleveland, who served as the 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States, returned to the White House after losing re-election. It was, however, towards the end of the nineteenth century.

What exactly is Trump up to these days?

On the first anniversary of the Capitol Hill violence, Trump was expected to hold a press conference. He later backed out and will hold a rally in Florence on January 15th. He has previously projected that the event will draw a “large attendance.” Trump’s rallies have been drawing increasingly large crowds.

Aside from politics, Trump has also pursued a career in business. He founded TMTG in order to combat what conservatives regard as “biassed leftist social media” (Trump Media & Technology Group). A social media network and a streaming service will be launched by the company.

The Trump TMTG is generating a lot of buzzes.
Through a reverse merger with Digital World Acquisition, Trump’s TMTG will become public (DWAC). DWAC shares skyrocketed after the merger thanks to Trump’s popularity, and it is now the most active SPAC. Trump is already the wealthiest president in the United States, and if TMTG’s pace continues when it goes public, he will increase his fortune much further.

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