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Isle of Misfits 1: First Class – Description:

Isle of Misfits In the first book of the Isle of Misfits series a gargoyle that cant sit still at his post is invited to live on an island full of other restless magical creatures! Gibbon is a gargoyle who has been unable to sit still for hundreds of years. One day he leaves his post from the castle he was meant to be guarding and a person sees Gibbon he panics and runs away. As Gibbon is sadly walking back he meets three gargoyles who bring him to an island filled with other legendary creatures. There he goes to a special academy that will train him to go on missions to protect all sorts of mythical creatures who are in trouble. Excited to go and happy that he wont be lonely anymore Gibbon is also nervous to go some place where he doesnt know anyone. Will he be able to make friends in this new place? Find out in this new and exciting creature-filled series complete with a hilarious cast of characters such as a clumsy dragon an ill-tempered fairy a griffin with poor flying skills and a yeti with a manbun! Isle of Misfits 1: First Class –