John Mayall – Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton (Vinyl) Top


John Mayall – Blues Breakers With Eric Description:

John Mayall – Q (p.156) – 4 stars out of 5 — [T]his was the record that sealed his guitar-hero status and for the first time put a blues album in the UK Top 10. Q – Rmended Down Beat (8/95 p.55) – 4.5 Stars – Very Good/Excellent – …Clapton displays enough control and buoyant enthusiasm in his playing to justify the scrawling of Clapton is God on London walls….Mayall meantime explores the upper range of his pale voice with urgency and conviction… Musician (4/95 p.76) – …Clapton blazes with a maturity beyond his years and his tone pierces and rumbles with a freedom hes rarely evoked since….shows how even the greats can be elevated by the right rhythm section… Living Blues (p.67) – Claptons fire on cuts like the Freddy King instrumental standard Hideaway and Robert Johnsons Ramblin On My Mind shaped the scholarly blues exposition Clapton would display most of his career. Record Collector (magazine) (p.97) – 5 stars out of 5 — [A] classic of its time that hasnt dated. While your ears expect a guitar-fest its Mayalls assured vocal that hits first. John Mayall – Blues Breakers With Eric