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JP Morgan Chase Is Being Sued by a Houston Doctor Who Claims She Was Denied Access to a $16,000 Check Because She Is Black.


After claiming that she was discriminated against and denied service because of her skin colour, a doctor in Houston, Texas, filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Dr. Malika Mitchell-Stewart told KTRK that she had recently completed her residency and that she was attempting to open a bank account and deposit a $16,000 check she had gotten as a signing bonus from her new employer, Valley Oaks Medical Group, when she spoke with the station.

However, she claimed in a lawsuit that the staff at Chase’s First Colony Bank asked her strange questions about the authenticity of the check and about her position as a medical practitioner, leading her to file a lawsuit.

“As soon as Dr Mitchell-Stewart presented her check to workers at First Colony Branch, they treated her as though she were a felon,” according to the legal statement.

As a result of the rejection, Dr Mitchell-Stewart claims the bank personnel asserted that the check was fake.

“It was an awful turn of events.They snatched away my precious moment.I had the sensation of being a criminal.According to Dr Mitchell-Stewart, “I have never done anything wrong.”
“In order to obtain a Texas medical licence, or even a medical licence at all, you must have a clean criminal history.Everyone just didn’t care that you had to go to school for a long period of time.They didn’t take that into consideration.”They didn’t take my credentials seriously.”

“Dr Mitchell-Stewart presented identification as verification of his identity.She presented her business card as verification that she was a doctor, which was accepted.
The woman “even called personnel from her medical group to authenticate her identity,” her attorney, Justin Moore, said in an interview with KTRK.

In an interview with the site, Chase stated, “We take this concern extremely seriously and are investigating the situation.”
“We have contacted out to Dr Mitchell-Stewart in order to better understand what occurred and to express our regret for her ordeal.”

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