King of Strong Style – by Shinsuke Nakamura (Hardcover) Reviews


King of Strong Style – by Shinsuke Description:

King of Strong Born in Kyoto February 24 1980 Shinsuke Nakamura began amateur wrestling in high school before attending university at Aoyama Gakuin University. After a brilliant career there he joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling in March 2002 and made his professional debut at Nippon Budokan in a match against Tadao Yasuda on August 29 2002. On December 9 2003 a mere sixteen months into his professional career he crushed Hiroshi Tenzan and was crowned the youngest IWGP Heavyweight Champion in history. Even as he pursued greatness in the professional wrestling ring Nakamura participated in MMA facing Daniel Gracie of the legendary jiu-jitsu family and superheavyweight kickboxing champion Alexey Ignashov. Now in the US and a WWE Superstar Nakamura has twice held the NXT championship and is known to millions as both The Artist and the King of Strong Style. King of Strong Style – by Shinsuke