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Korn – Issues (EXPLICIT LYRICS) (Vinyl) Description:

Korn – Issues Rolling Stone (1/20/00 p.56) – 3 stars out of 5 – …the band moves from catharsis to careerism. They work hard to add melodies mostly big grunge-redux choruses as if they want to be Soundgarden or piling on static and distortion Nine Inch Nails… Q (1/00 p.116) – 4 stars out of 5 – …impressively obsessive: every track has the same huge dynamic range the same mood the same message….[It] is dark intelligent and very ugly… CMJ (12/13/99 p.4) – …ready to blast all non-believers to Kingdom Come….[striking] a rebellious gut-wrenching and emotionally naked stance….Head and Monkeys down-tuned riffage remains inimitable… Disc 1 1. Dead 2. Falling Away From Me 3. Trash [Album Version] 4. 4U 5. Beg for Me 6. Make Me Bad [Album Version] 7. Its Gonna Go Away 8. Wake Up 9. Am I Going Crazy [Album Version] 10. Hey Daddy Disc 2 1. Somebody Someone [Album Version] 2. No Way [Album Version] 3. Lets Get this Party Started [Album Version] 4. Wish You Could Be Me 5. Counting [Album Version] 6. Dirty [Album Version] Korn – Issues (EXPLICIT LYRICS) (Vinyl)