Korn – Take A Look In The Mirror (EXPLICIT LYRICS) (Vinyl) Coupons


Korn – Take A Look In The Description:

Korn – Take Rolling Stone (12/25/03-1/8/04 p.121) – 3.5 stars out of 5 – …[Korn have] self-produced their best album to date refining the formula to a black-cancer marmalade of corrosive riffs fist-flying rhythms gothic-carnival atmospheres and toxic vocals… Disc 1 1. Right Now [Dirty Version] 2. Break Some Off [Album Version] 3. Counting on Me [Album Version] 4. Here It Comes Again [Album Version] 5. Deep Inside [Album Version] 6. Did My Time 7. Everything Ive Known [Album Version] Disc 2 1. Play Me [Album Version] 2. Alive [Album Version] 3. Lets Do This Now [Album Version] 4. Im Done [Album Version] 5. Yall Want a Single [Album Version] 6. When Will This End [Album Version] Korn – Take A Look In The