Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets – (Gilded Age Mystery) by Rosemary Simpson (Hardcover) Best


Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets – Description:

Let the Dead In Gilded Age New York heiress Prudence MacKenzie and ex-Pinkerton Geoffrey Hunter investigate crimes that take them from the slums of Five Points in lower Manhattan to the Fifth Avenue mansions of societys elite. In the late nineteenth century women are particularly vulnerable . . . LET THE DEAD KEEP THEIR SECRETS Childbirth can be dangerous even for the wealthy. So when opera singer Claire Buchanan shows Prudence and Geoffrey a postmortem cabinet photograph of her deceased twin sister and newborn niece they express sadness but not surprise. The popular black-bordered portraits are the eras way of coping with the devastating losses that plague every family. What makes this death different is that Claire is convinced Catherine and her child were murdered. Prudences friend is haunted by a sense of her sisters lingering presence and by the conviction that her dead twin is demanding justice. Catherines widower Aaron Sorensen is a cold controlling man who swiftly remarried. Now his second wife is already pregnant and may be in terrible danger. In order to discover the truth and find evidence of Sorensens guilt Geoffrey will delve deep into his past while Prudence casts herself as his next victim–putting her own life at grave risk . . . Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets –