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Little White Fish and the Beautiful Sea Description:

Little White Fish Praise for the LITTLE WHITE FISH series: Guido Van Genechtens Little White Fish books make a sweet series for the youngest readers. Small children will love the smiling sea creatures and the playful relationship among the friends. In Little White Fish Is So Happy young grammarians are introduced to a few of the most common prepositions with clear visuals to reinforce their meaning. …The endearing relationship among these friends will charm young children as the idea of being away from home is presented in an upbeat way that encourages independence while also reassuring little ones of parents love and attention. – Mom Read It (LITTLE WHITE FISH IS SO HAPPY) This book naturally can be used for a discussion on individuality and what makes each of us special. The simple storyline and message catch the attention of young readers. The illustrations depict the emotions of Little White Fish as he goes through his journey and makes him relatable. – Kiss The Book (WELL DONE LITTLE WHITE FISH) A must-add for individual collections and storytime rotations. – Larisa Martin Youth Librarian Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (LITTLE WHITE FISH HAS MANY FRIENDS) A lot of actions that parents and tots could act out together as well as reinforcing the colors. A cute little story that would be quick to read but with a lot of follow up and rereading possibilities. – Carolyn Johnson-Hicks elementary educator (LITTLE WHITE FISH HAS MANY FRIENDS) A charming childrens book for ages two and up…. about friendship. The drawings are delightful and its a fun book to read. My favorite little boy loved it and wanted me to read it again. – Carolyn Injoy-Hertz reviewer (LITTLE WHITE FISH HAS MANY FRIENDS) An excellent book to share with very young children. – Barbara Stolz educator (LITTLE WHITE FISH HAS MANY FRIENDS) Lovely little picture book that focused on friendship and how you can make and be friends with a variety of different people/things – easy to follow and read. I can see everyone loving Little White Fish – highly rmended. – Donna McGuire Donnas Book Blog (LITTLE WHITE FISH HAS MANY FRIENDS) Little White Fish and the Beautiful Sea