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Living in Flow Many people have clarified a variety of interesting issues through the lens of the flow experience; few have done this more successfully than Sky Nelson-Isaacs who uses flow to explain the mysteries of synchronicity. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience With clear language compelling stories and most of all powerful science Nelson-Isaacs lays out a comprehensive exploration of how we can come to understand the patterns and commonalities between things that seem completely distinct. He is that rare author and thinker working to increase the coherence of things rather than simply promote a new view. Whether examining ones personal or professional life whether focused on science spirituality or leadership in their community readers will find compelling insights to take away. –Ann Betz author of Integration: The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life and cofounder of BEabove Leadership In Living in Flow. Sky Nelson-Isaacs draws from the deep well of quantum mechanics as well as from numerous personal anecdotes to offer sage and witty advice for living in synchronicity with the universe and ones ideals–a mystic tool kit for life in this scientific age. –Daniel P. Sheehan PhD professor of physics University of San Diego Meaningful history selection? Exactly what the world needs and certainly what you can use to help you live in flow with the worlds events. Sky Nelson-Isaacs uses his engaging clear-minded scientifically informed prose to help you revolutionize the way you look at life navigate your conscious experience and shape the events that shape your life and the future of the planet. –Julia Mossbridge PhD associate professor at California Institute of Integral Studies author of The Calling Nelson-Isaacs shares a bounty of insight about the scientific basis of intuition–specifically about the interface of inner guidance science and our daily lives. Using personal stories as the anchor for the information he weaves memorable anecdotes together with valuable scientific insight and shares a vision for our future that is both inspiring and practical. –Kimberly Carter Gamble producer director cowriter of the widely acclaimed film THRIVE Sky Nelson-Isaacs has created some excitement in Living in Flow in which he explores meaning perspective authenticity synchronicity and all the things that make up the flow of our universe. He invites the reader in with a friendly down-to-earth warmth helping the nonscientist stay engaged. References to research and personal anecdotes make Living in Flow a compelling work that I enjoyed immensely. –Edward Viljoen author of Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty In this rare gift Sky Nelson-Isaacs has given us a remarkably insightful and readable understanding of synchronicity and how to live into it. –Leslie Allan Combs author of Synchronicity: Through the Eyes of Science Myth and the Trickster Reading this book made me happy. And hopeful. As an elder and a spiritual theologian it moves me to learn from a young physicist who is posing perennial questions from the viewpoint of the new science. Sky Nelson-Isaacs ignites new sparks that shed light on ancient mysteries. The authors method of LORRAX (Listen Open Reflect Release Act XRepeat) as the path to flow parallels in many ways the four paths of creation spirituality in my work: Via Positiva Via Negativa Via Creativa and Via Transformativa. There is rich and fertile ground here born of postmodern science for birthing a language that is far more friendly to spiritual and mystical realities than most of the perspectives of the modern world view ever was or could be. This book sparkles with insights and connections that we are all hungry for. –Matthew Fox author of Sins of the Spirit Blessings of the Flesh: Transforming Evil in Soul and Society Sky Nelson-Isaacs brings a vigour and rigour to his analysis and locates his interpretation of synchronicity in day-to-day examples that have happened to him and to others giving the reader a step-by-step analysis of synchronicity and how the theory applies. He develops an original model of synchronicity called meaningful history selection. Grounded in quantum physics the visual model of the tree of possibility helps us understand how some choices are made en route while others not highlighting how we choose particular branches based on our intent. –Dr Philip Merry author of the first grounded PhD research into synchronicity and leadership founder of Philip Merry Consulting Group a Singapore global leadership consulting company The description of the quantum theory underlying Nelson-Isaacss idea of the mechanism of meaningful history selection is clear accessible and a convincing case is made for their relevance to synchronicity. –Siegfried Bleher assistant professor of physics Fairmont State University Living in Flow – by Sky Nelson-Isaacs