Lucky Horseshoe – Reprint (Princess Ponies) by Chloe Ryder (Paperback) Price


Lucky Horseshoe – Reprint (Princess Ponies) by Description:

Lucky Horseshoe – Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout and comes with a collectible charm The enchanted island of Chevalia where ponies rule has finally had its magic restored thanks to human Pippa and pony Princess Stardust. Her task complete Pippa returned to our world . . . but her friends in Chevalia are never far away. Its St. Patricks Day but Pippa is having terrible luck at school. Even worse Princess Stardust and the Pirate Ponies arrive to tell Pippa that trouble-making Divine has cast a spell to steal all of Chevalias good luck too. Pippa embarks on a journey across the high seas of Chevalia to win the ponies luck back. Along the way she and her friends discover a mysterious island where a new pony might be able to tell them exactly how to turn their luck around Pippas adventures in magical Chevalia continue brought to life with delightful illustrations–and the book includes a special collectible charm. Collect all of the books in the Princess Ponies series: A Magical Friend A Dream Come True The Special Secret A Unicorn Adventure An Amazing Rescue Best Friends Forever A Special Surprise A Singing Star The Lucky Horseshoe Lucky Horseshoe – Reprint (Princess Ponies) by