Making a pee bucket better

1 week ago
There are those 5 gallon bucket toilet seats that they sell but none really trap the odor, I was thinking about using the Porta Potty liquid because that works quite well but it's pretty expensiveI was thinking of somehow tying in a funnel with some steel wool or copper wool glued into the funnel(to prevent backsplash) into 1 1/2" PVC with a check valve so pee could get in but odors couldn't get outNow I would just use a P-Trap because thats what it's designed for but without running water pee would just sit in the p trapMy question is, would the weight of the pee be significant enough to open the one way check valve? Would I have to find one that has a shitty spring so it opens very easily? Or would a 1 1/2" check already be weak enough

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