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Man Constantly Makes Fun of His Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Discovers a Note After Ambulance Takes Her Away — Today’s Story | Viral News


An arrogant man constantly mocks his wife for being a terrible housekeeper, but later regrets his remarks when karma teaches him a hard lesson.

Shannon Miles expected to be able to balance work and family life quickly after the birth of her first child, Claire. She wasn’t entirely wrong, to be sure. She did, however, pull it off like a pro. However, when she gave birth to twins Lucas and Justin, things became more difficult for her.

Raising three children while working was exhausting, and she made terrible mistakes at home because she couldn’t focus properly. Sometimes the breakfast was burned, and other times she’d forget to turn off the iron or end up burning the clothes while ironing them.

Martin became impatient with his wife after becoming frustrated with her inability to manage both the house and her job. He told Shannon she had to quit her job and care for their children full-time. The woman hesitated and said she’d manage both sides, but that wasn’t going to happen, so she had to resign.

That, however, was not the only change in her life after the birth of her twins. Shannon noticed Martin became increasingly irritated with her after she became a stay-at-home mom. He chastised her for absolutely everything she did.

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Shannon was to blame for any dirty dishes. Shannon was to blame if their children’s toys were left on the living room floor. Shannon was to blame if the food was overly salty.

Shannon was to blame for everything that went wrong, and Shannon, according to Martin, was not supposed to make mistakes. So, whenever something went wrong, Martin would lash out at his wife, accusing her of laziness and declaring that she could never do anything properly!

Man Constantly Makes Fun of His Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Discovers a Note After Ambulance Takes Her Away — Today’s Story | Viral News

“I can’t believe you’re the same woman I fought with my mom to marry, Shannon,” Martin would often taunt her, recalling their previous relationship when Martin had started dating her against his mother’s wishes.

Shannon clearly felt bad when she heard Martin say those things, but she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want her family to break up. Martin never got it, and one day he just crossed the line…

That day, Lucas and Justin celebrated their first birthday, and there was a party at home. Shannon was in the twins’ room that night, singing a lullaby and attempting to put them to sleep, but thanks to Martin, this was impossible because the babies started crying when they heard him.

Shannon dashed into the living room after cradling the babies. “Martin, what’s the matter with you? You can’t keep your mouth shut, can you? Claire has just fallen asleep, and I’m having trouble putting Lucas and Justin to bed!”

“Are you having trouble?” Martin sarcastically laughed. “I guess you’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to do, Babe. After all, you’re not working for us!”

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“Martin, are you serious? Stop acting as if you’re doing a lot for us! I am the one who does everything around the house, including the laundry, clothes, and dishes!”

“Shannon, look at me! I’m not here to listen to your ostensibly feminist speech. Make sure the dishes are done after you’ve put the kids to bed. I’m going to bed because I’m completely exhausted. A stinky kitchen is the last thing I want to see in the morning!” Martin remarked angrily, pointing to their overflowing kitchen sink.

“Martin, you can’t be serious! How can you expect me to do everything on my own? I had to cook for everyone, and now I’m preoccupied with the babies. Can’t you at least assist me?”

“What should I do? Help?” Martin burst out laughing. “Shannon, this is your responsibility. At least once, do it correctly. Okay?” Before leaving for their bedroom, he added.

“Martin, take a look…” Shannon had only begun to speak when she began to feel dizzy. She continued, clutching the ends of a table tightly “Martin, I haven’t eaten anything since the morning. Can you….” Shannon’s head became heavy and she collapsed to the ground before she could finish her sentence.

The vase on the table fell and broke into pieces as Shannon collapsed, causing a loud noise that alerted Martin. He frowned when he turned around and saw Shannon had passed out. “Get up, Shannon! Can you hear what I’m saying? It’s not funny if you’re just pretending!”

The man became concerned when Shannon did not respond. He called 911 and dashed to the kitchen for a glass of water. He splashed water on Shannon’s face, but she didn’t stir!

Man Constantly Makes Fun of His Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Discovers a Note After Ambulance Takes Her Away — Today’s Story | Viral News

Mrs. Cameron, Martin’s next-door neighbor, was called and asked to watch the kids while Martin waited for the ambulance.

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Every minute felt like an eternity to Martin, but the wait was over in 10 minutes. Martin rushed out to the ambulance as the paramedics arrived, holding Shannon in his arms. Shannon had collapsed due to exhaustion, according to the doctors, and would be under their care for some time.

Martin came home from the hospital late at night and went to the kitchen for a glass of water when he stepped on vase fragments. When his attention was drawn to a note on the floor, he crouched and began picking them up. He took it up and began reading it. Shannon had a to-do list.

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