Merrily We Live (DVD)(2018) Description:

Merrily We Live The Kilbournes are a curious lot. Henry the irascible patriarch has his patience duly tried by his three impetuous and irreverent children: Geraldine (Jerry) Kane and Marion. Mother Emily rounds out the clan and may be the most endearingly peculiar of them all as she doesnt knit or collect stamps as a hobby but instead takes in Forgotten Men intent on rehabilitating them. However after her latest protege makes off with the family silver Emily swears off any do-gooding… that is until the vacationing Wade Rawlins shows up at her doorstep and is mistaken as a tramp. Bing the familys new chauffeur Rawlins soon proves useful to the Kilbournes in more ways than one. He also quickly grabs the attention of nearly every female about him—especially and including Jerrys. Merrily We Live (DVD)(2018)