Minecrafter Architect: The Builders Idea Book – (Architecture for Minecrafters) by Miller Megan (Paperback) Price


Minecrafter Architect: The Builders Idea Book – Description:

Minecrafter Architect: The Tired of the same old 9×9 cobblestone cubes? Stuck figuring out what type of windows to add to your mansion? Here are dozens of examples of window treatments roofs walls paths road bridges floorplans block palettes and more. Copy them exactly or use them as inspiration and youll be mastering the art of creating unique and detailed Minecraft builds. Guided by hundreds of in-game step-by-step photos and simple instructions kids will learn how to add excitement artistry and variety to everything they build. Perfect for beginner to advanced Minecrafters who want to learn more Includes hundreds of step-by-step full-color photos to guide readers of all ages Helps encourage creativity and problem-solving skills Minecrafter Architect: Builders Idea Book appeals to the virtual artist in every gamer and holds the valuable secrets players need to stretch their building skills. Be a Master Builder of Structures! Minecrafter Architect: The Builders Idea Book –