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Motor Mouse – Pie cake ice cream popcorn and bowling only hint at the pleasures to be found in three effervescent little stories. Motor Mouse is a hardworking rodent and when it comes to his downtime he certainly knows how to relax. In The Friday Cake Day a catastrophic inaccessibility of delights (read: a closed cake shop) leads to new vistas as the titular hero and his friend Telly (an otter) discover the wide and wonderful world of pie. In Going for a Look-About Motor Mouse cedes driving control to a raccoon cabbie so that he can take his eyes off the road for once. Finally in Front Row at the Picture Show a long-standing grudge involving a popcorn-hogging brother comes to a head with satisfactory results. Rylants grasp of succinct storytelling is on full display. Wry understatement (the pie is deemed by Motor Mouse and Telly to be QUITE ACCEPTABLE while an arrangement whereby two brothers share a single bucket of popcorn had not worked for years. And it was not working this Saturday either) creates memorable characters with minimal syllables. Howards art too honed on the authors 27 Mr. Putter and Tabby books deftly balances heart humor and the occasional magnificent burst of pathos. In the words of Motor Mouse himself QUITE ACCEPTABLE–actually more than quite. (Picture book. 4-7) –**STARRED REVIEW** Kirkus Reviews February 1 2019 Motor Mouse – (Motor Mouse Books) by