Mr. Bambuckle: Rule the School – by Tim Harris (Paperback) Price


Mr. Bambuckle: Rule the School – by Description:

Mr. Bambuckle: Rule The perfect book for middle school boys and readers of Sideways Stories from Wayside School and My Weird School! Mr. Bambuckle: Rule the School is the perfect gift for preteen boys and chapter book for kids 9-12. The class in room 12B has a new teacher one whos a little wacky and knows how to make learning fun! But not everybody agrees with his unique teaching methods… Theres never been a new teacher like Mr. Bambuckle. Who else rides a unicycle while flipping bacon in a pan and wearing a dazzling blue suit? Magic tricks aside Mr. Bambuckle is kind of the best. He gets to know each and every one of his students and makes learning exciting and fun! But Principal Sternblast is not impressed with Mr. Bambuckles teaching methods and is determined to get rid of him… Mr. Bambuckle: Rule the School – by