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Murthy says the Supreme Court’s refusal to uphold the vaccine mandate is a “setback for public health.”


The Supreme Court’s decision to temporarily prohibit the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for major workplaces was a “setback for public health,” according to US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

When Martha Raddatz of ABC’s “This Week” approached Murthy about the Supreme Court’s decision, he described it as “extremely disheartening.”

“It was a setback for public health,” Murthy said, “because what these standards eventually help with is not just safeguarding the population at large, but making our workplaces safer for workers and customers.”

Frustration with Biden's presidency is widespread, according to a new poll.
Frustration with Biden’s presidency is widespread, according to a new poll.

“The good news is that there is nothing preventing employers from voluntarily implementing these regulations. Many people have already done so. A third of Fortune 100 businesses have implemented them, and many more outside of the Fortune 100 have as well “He went on to say that the rule for health care settings, which affects 17 million workers in the United States, was permitted to remain in place.

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Raddatz also questioned Murthy about why it appeared that the White House had failed to plan for a probable coronavirus testing shortage during the interview on Sunday. Murthy mentioned the COVID-19 omicron variant’s sudden growth in unexpected demand, calling it “exceptional” and going “beyond the huge increase in supply that we had bought and secured during 2021.”

“This is about testing, Martha, but our response is far more than that. It’s also about ensuring that more individuals be vaccinated and have their immune systems bolstered “Murthy stated. “It’s one of the lessons learned from omicron: vaccines work to keep people safe, keep them out of hospitals, and save their lives. All we need to do now is boost millions more people and focus on growing our testing supply.”

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