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Omicron Is Expected To Peak In The Most States By Mid-February, According to Fauci |Latest Update


On Sunday, Anthony Fauci said he was “as confident as you can be” that omicron infections will peak in the next few weeks in most of the states in the United States.

In an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Fauci said, “You never want to be overconfident when it comes to this virus.” The patterns we’ve seen in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Israel have peaked and are beginning to decline sharply.

While infection rates in other parts of the country where vaccination rates are higher have been declining, Fauci said that some states, particularly in the South and West, have seen increases in omicron infections.

According to Mr. Trump’s prediction, “I believe that you will begin to see a turnaround throughout the country if the pattern follows the trend that we are seeing in other places, such as the Northeast.”

Omicron Is Expected to Peak in the Most States by Mid-February, According to Fauci |Latest Update

“Ultimately they’re all going to go in the same direction,” Fauci said of the country’s “varying” levels of vaccination.

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The omicron coronavirus variant has been battling for several months now, thanks to the efforts of public health experts. Those who have been vaccinated against the highly contagious strain of omicron have reported milder symptoms.

President Biden and other public officials have stated that the best defense against severe illness caused by any strain of the coronavirus is to be vaccinated and boosted against it.

In order to avoid hospitalization and serious outcomes, even with omicron, Fauci asserted, “we do know… that boosting makes a major, major difference.” “So far, everything is going well. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but things are looking up for them right now.”

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