Our History Is the Future – by Nick Estes (Hardcover) Reviews


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Our History Is Embedded in the centuries-long struggle for Indigenous liberation resides our best hope for a safe and just future for everyone on this planet. Few events embody that truth as clearly as the resistance at Standing Rock and the many deep currents that converged there. In this powerful blend of personal and historical narrative Nick Estes skillfully weaves together transformative stories of resistance from these front lines never losing sight of their enormous stakes. A major contribution. –Naomi Klein author of This Changes Everything Reading Our History Is the Future is like standing in the middle of camp again. During the Standing Rock uprising we witnessed what our ancestors always prayed for–making their dreams a reality. –Bobbi Jean Three Legs leader of the Standing Rock Youth Runners In Our History Is the Future historian Nick Estes tells a spellbinding story of the 10 month Indigenous resistance at Standing Rock in 2016 animating the lives and characters of the leaders and organizers emphasizing the powerful leadership of the women. Alone this would be a brilliant analysis of one of the most significant social movements of this century. But embedded in the story and inseparable from it is the centuries long history of the Oceti Sakowin resistance to United States genocidal wars and colonial institutions. And woven into these entwined stories of Indigenous resistance is the true history of the United States as a colonialist state and a global history of European colonialism. This book is a jewel–history and analysis that reads like the best poetry–certain to be a classic work as well as a study guide for continued and accelerated resistance. –Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz author of An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States When state violence against peaceful protest at Standing Rock became part of the national consciousness many noticed Native people for the first time–again. Our History Is the Future is necessary reading documenting how Native resistance is met with settler erasure: an outcome shaped by land resources and the juggernaut of capitalism. Estes has written a powerful history of Seven Fires resolve that demonstrates how Standing Rock is the outcome of history and the beginning of the future. –Louise Erdrich author of the National Book Award winner The Round House A touching and necessary manifesto and history featuring firsthand accounts of the recent Indigenous uprising against powerful oil companies … With an urgent voice Estes reminds us that the greed of private corporations must never be allowed to endanger the health of the majority. An important read about Indigenous protesters fighting to protect their ancestral land and uphold their historic values of clean land and water for all humans. –Kirkus Our History Is the Future offers a first draft of history that will serve as the last word for years to come. Combining the literary skill of the poet the rich contextual knowledge of the historian and the sharp edge of experience Nick Estes has crafted a powerful account of the Standing Rock resistance situating it in a struggle lodged deep in time and across the full reach of global solidarities. –Philip J. Deloria author of Playing Indian Our History Is the Future brings the history of Native American anti-imperialism to the center of the study of racial capitalism while renewing the focus on political economy in Indigenous Studies; it brings the experience of the camp at Standing Rock to the study of history and deep learning to the ongoing fight for sovereignty; it is a book by a young scholar that draws brilliantly on the wisdom of centuries of struggle. In short: you should read it. –Walter Johnson author of River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom Our History Is the Future is a game-changer. In addition to providing a thorough and cogent history of the long tradition of Indigenous resistance it is also a personal memoir and homage to the Oceti Sakowin; an entreaty to all their relations that demands the emancipation of the earth. Estes continues in the legacy of his ancestors from Black Elk to Vine Deloria he turns Indigenous history right-side up as a story of self-defense against settler invasion. In so doing he is careful and judicious in his telling working seamlessly across eras movements and scholarly literatures to forge a collective vision for liberation that takes prophecy and revolutionary theory seriously. The book will be an instant classic and go-to text for students and educators working to understand the structure undergirding the event of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is what history as Ghost Dance looks like. –Sandy Grande author of Red Pedagogy: Native American Social and Political Thought This extraordinary history of resistance counters the myth of Indigenous disappearance and insignificance while calling into question the very notion that resistance itself is Our History Is the Future – by