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Paleo Power Bowls Looking for a real-world approach to a healthy Paleo diet? Look no further. Julia has created a safe haven with Paleo Power Bowls where you can enjoy satisfying flavorful meals while still looking after yourself. Her realistic attitude toward dietary restrictions allows you to tailor the paleo diet to suit your lifestyle and wellness goals. Grab a fork and dig into a big bowl of delicious nourishment. –Carolyn Ketchum author of Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen Easy Keto Dinners and Easy Keto Desserts and blogger at There is great power in simplicity and that includes getting back to basics with the foods we eat removing inflammatory overly processed food and honing in on nourishing basics. In Paleo Power Bowls Julia Mueller shows you how to navigate clean eating including a thoughtful approach to eliminating foods and reintroducing them; in addition to showing you the perfect formula for creating a nutrient-dense balanced and delicious meal in a bowl. –Jennifer Robins author of Affordable Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot Down South Paleo and The Paleo Kids Cookbook and blogger at In Paleo Power Bowls Julia has managed to capture what paleo cooking is all about–transforming simple real foods into beautiful nourishing meals. This book is more than just a collection of recipes; its an inspiring approach to an intuitive way of eating. The stunning photos and mouthwatering flavor combinations are sure to get you into the kitchen! –Brian Kavanagh author of Paleo Date Night and blogger at Julias mission is to help her audience enjoy satisfying flavorful meals while still taking care of themselves. . . . Paleo Power Bowls is filled with some of her favorite recipes for paleo meal prep power bowls! . . . Yall really need to pick up a copy. –Lindsay Cotter blogger at Cotter Crunch This is Julias third cookbook and I think this one might be my favorite. . . . Julia is the vegetable whisperer. –Natalie Perry blogger at Perrys Plate Not only is this book absolutely packed with gorgeous looking food but its also the kind of cookbook you could eat from indefinitely. . . . The extra special thing is that its digestive friendly for those of us who struggle with those sorts of issues. But its also perfect for anyone who doesnt have any diet restrictions or food intolerances–because everything is so bright beautiful and packed with flavor and veggies. –Kari Peters blogger at Get Inspired Everyday! Each and every recipe was created so thoughtfully with the right balance of protein carbs color and texture. The recipes are truly a feast for the eyes and theyll make your belly rumble just looking at them! . . . I highly rmend Paleo Power Bowls whether youre having gut issues are following a specific diet or just want to prepare great tasting healthy food. Its truly a special cookbook that Ill turn to week after week. –Marcie Bidou blogger at Flavor the Moments Paleo Power Bowls – by Julia Mueller