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Poetree – by Caroline Pignat (Hardcover) Description:

Poetree – by The collaborative work of author Caroline Pignat and illustrator Francois Thisdale Poetree is an intriguing blend of carefully composed verbal images knit together with extraordinary visuals. The extended poem is about the yearly cycle in the life of a tree. But it is also an intriguing poetic concoction where the initial letters of each line in each stanza spell out a word that pertains to that trees life cycle (SEED GERMINATE SHOOT ROOTS LEAVES FLOWERS) making it a kids acrostic. Young readers ages 8 to 10 will discover the secrets of the poems as they read the text and look at the illustrations that show a rural setting with trees a farmer barns animals and the changing of the seasons. There are even puzzles for the discerning young reader making Poetree an immediate and enduringly popular addition for family elementary school and community library Contemporary Childrens Poetry collections.– (08/01/2018) Poetree – by Caroline Pignat (Hardcover)