Poetry Will Save Your Life – by Jill Bialosky (Paperback) Cheap


Poetry Will Save Your Life – by Description:

Poetry Will Save From a critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and poet comes a delightfully hybrid book: part anthology part critical study part autobiography (Chicago Tribune) that is organized around fifty-one remarkable poems by poets such as Robert Frost Emily Dickinson Wallace Stevens and Sylvia Plath. For Jill Bialosky certain poems stand out like signposts at pivotal moments in a life: the death of a father adolescence first love leaving home the suicide of a sister marriage the birth of a child the day in New York City the Twin Towers fell. As Bialosky narrates these moments she illuminates the ways in which particular poems offered insight compassion and connection and shows how poetry can be a blueprint for living. In Poetry Will Save Your Life Bialosky recalls when she encountered each formative poem and how its importance and meaning evolved over time allowing new insights and perceptions to emerge. While Bialoskys personal stories animate each poem they touch on many universal experiences from the awkwardness of girlhood to crises of faith and identity from braving a new life in a foreign city to enduring the loss of a loved one from bing a parent to growing creatively as a poet and artist. Each moment and poem illustrate not only how to read poetry but also how to love poetry (Christian Science Monitor). An emotional sometimes-wrenching account of how lines of poetry can be lifelines (Kirkus Reviews) Poetry Will Save Your Life is an engaging and entirely original examination of a life while celebrating the enduring value of poetry not as a purely cerebral activity but as a means of conveying personal experience and as a source of comfort and intimacy. In doing so the book brilliantly illustrates the ways in which poetry can be an integral part of life itself and can in fact save your life. Poetry Will Save Your Life – by