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Police Move in as the Public Turns on Truckers Who Are Blocking the Highway to the United States for a “Freedom March.”


Truckers protesting the Covid-19 vaccine regulations are blocking the US-Canada border in Canada.

“What may have begun as a peaceful assembly rapidly degenerated into an unlawful barricade,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Alberta stated in a statement on Tuesday.

At Coutts, the Alberta RCMP has been working with demonstrators to find a peaceful and safe solution for all parties involved while they have been enforcing the law.

In spite of our best efforts, the demonstrators ultimately refused to abide by the terms of our agreement.

It said, “As of this morning, the Alberta RCMP is taking additional measures to ensure that emergency services may continue to be provided to the inhabitants of the affected region.”

Aside from impeding the free passage of people and products, the effect on the economy has been devastating.The “Freedom Convoy” protest by truckers at the border is part of a broader national movement against Covid regulations.

There have been protests at the border since Canada’s government mandated that Canadian truckers be completely vaccinated starting on January 15, in an effort to prevent Covid’s spread.

Protesters in Alberta were asked to remain calm by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney at a press conference on Tuesday.According to CTV, he said, “We have now got reports of officers from the RCMP being swamped.”

There’s no such thing as a peaceful protest here.
My pleas for calm and a peaceful and lawful protest in Alberta are repeated because of the situation we find ourselves in right now.

I sympathize with those who are so irritated by the situation, he continued.In order to avoid even more costly cancellations of surgery, “we have sought to take a modest approach to limits.”

Canada’s Press agency stated that trucks were visible as far as as the eye could see on Tuesday, despite the smaller blockage.As they attempted to remove the demonstrators, the authorities stated that more trucks had come.

RCMP Cpl Curtis Peters stated, “We (began) removing some vehicles from the protest area.”

A couple more are available.
I’m not sure exactly how many people left.
A second group of demonstrators arrived on the site, and they came right around our guarded area,” we were told.

Hundreds of truckers have been stranded as a result of the roadblock.This is “far, way too far,” trucker Garnet Lang told CTV. “I’m all for if you want to protest but they’ve taken this way, way too far,” he continued.

“They’ve stopped a four-lane highway and a major border crossing into the United States.”CBC quotes driver Lovepreet Singh as saying, “That’s not how we do things in Canada.

Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and asthma affect some people.Transport Minister Rajan Sawhney also asked truckers to halt the protest on Twitter.




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