Prince – Planet Earth (CD) Description:

Prince – Planet Rolling Stone (p.90) – 3.5 stars out of 5 — Planet Earth and Lion of Judah continue the hard-rock groove while Future Baby Mama and Somewhere Here on Earth revisit his smooth RandB side. Spin (p.121) – 4.5 stars out of 5 — PLANET EARTH places him back in six-string superhero territory….These tens songs are focused and playful in ways the recall earlier triumphs… Uncut (p.64) – Theres a sense of patience rewarded hearing the feathery tremolo guitars and female backing coos in The One U Wanna C — a slice of pure pop cut from the same spie as Raspberry Beret… — Grade: B+ Vibe (p.137) – [A] resurgent Prince unleashes his strangest yet most alluring rock project since 1988s astonishing LOVESEXY. Disc 1 1. Planet Earth 2. Guitar 3. Somewhere Here on Earth 4. One U Wanna C The 5. Future Baby Mama 6. Mr Goodnight 7. All the Midnights in the World 8. Chelsea Rogers 9. Life of Judah 10. Resolution Prince – Planet Earth (CD)