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Puro Amor – (Quarternote Chapbook) by Sandra Description:

Puro Amor – Featured in USA TODAYs Women of the Century PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature A short story about love animals art and Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. . . . A solid short story in a beautiful thin volume from an author we wish we heard more from. –Kirkus Review Her unique writing style and focus on the working class [have] made Cisneros a renowned literary figure. –Viviana Garcia-Blanc NPR WBEZ Worldview Sandra Cisneros knows both that the heart can be broken and that it can rise and soar like a bird. Whatever story she chooses to tell we should be listening for a long time to come. – The Washington Post Book World Puro Amor explores perspective dually giving readers both an intimate view of the protagonists daily life and the perspective of the townspeople looking in. . . . The fluctuating perspective grants readers the simultaneous participation in the familiarity of the Missus chores and the outside criticism of the townspeople–a juxtaposition that gives room for Cisneros to be both silly and reverent in her exploration of the inherent arduousness of partnership and ultimately to show that animals do give the purest love. –The Arkansas International In deft brushstroke-like prose Cisneros explores the gaps in our rules and ideas about faithfulness and desire–and reveals the vibrant chaos thrumming at loves core. –MAKE Literary Productions Sandra Cisneros makes me so happy that I am a reader so joyful that she is a writer and even more exhilarated that she is part of our world. –Edwidge Danticat Cisneros draws on her rich [Latino] heritage…She is not only a gifted writer but an absolutely essential one. –Bebe Moore Campbell Thank you wicked wicked woman for shooting up these loose arrows to the high hells of poetry passion and humor. –Eduardo Galeano Sandra Cisneros is like a bee that extracts new honey from old flowers…[she] possesses that most difficult ability–allowing us to imagine that which ever existed. –Elena Poniatowska Puro Amor – (Quarternote Chapbook) by Sandra