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1 week ago
Hello, this is my first “project” of any sort and I am looking for some input on what are some things I could have done differently Goal: install a bed platform in the back of my van1. I installed plusnuts in the double sided sheet metal walls2. I got some 1.25inch bolts and attached a 4ft long half rail thingy to the wall. I was originally going to use an L-track but I couldn’t find it at Home Depot and these half square tubing things were everywhere and seemed stronger so I just got it instead3. I got 5 2x4s and had them cut slightly too long so I could really wedge them in between these rails. The reason I did this is because my plusnut installation did not go as planned. Basically I only have 3 on each side instead of the originally planned 6 and a few are even loose (they spin in place). So I wanted the wood to help support some load4. I screwed a screw+washer connecting the beams to the rail. This seemed to really help take out a lot of slop from the setup. It doesn’t creak much at all now and actually feels pretty sturdy.5. Lastly, I’m going to nail the plywood I have the mattress on to the beams. I used something called outdoor wood for the 2x4s which I think was a mistake cause it seemed kinda low quality and I think one of them was even twisted or something (like torsionally)I used sanded birch for the plywood which was also a mistake cause it was expensive as fuck and I used 3 pieces instead of one large one

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