Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible – (Hardcover) Description:

Recordmania: Atlas of The biggest the strongest the fastest the loudest–Recordmania sets the bar for the best atlas of the worlds incredible records. From mind-boggling feats of human endurance to the unimaginable extremes of the natural world these pages are filled with records that defy expectations and surprise the imagination. Did you know for example that the fastest recorded skydive was so speedy it broke through the sound barrier? Or that the smallest park in the world was made for a colony of leprachauns? Split into 6 categories and covering everything from sports architecture animals humans technology dinosaurs space and nature each category is packed with feats that will delight. Trace out locations across each atlas before delving into the detail behind each record. Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible is cleverly designed and thoughtfully illustrated the perfect gift for the curious-minded. Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible – (Hardcover)