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Russian Naval Exercises Near Irish Coast ‘not Welcome,’ Official Says. Latest News


Russian naval exercises near the Irish coast are ‘unwelcome,’ according to a government official.
During a speech on Sunday, Ireland’s foreign affairs minister said that planned Russian naval exercises near the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) are “unwelcome.”

According to Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney, “in light of the current political and security environment in Europe, the Department of Foreign Affairs has raised a number of concerns with the Russian authorities in respect of these exercises.”

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Russian Naval
Russian Naval Exercises Near Irish Coast ‘not Welcome,’ Official Says

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Russian naval exercises are expected to begin in early February near Ireland’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), approximately 150 miles off the country’s southwest coast. While the area in question is a part of Ireland’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), it is not a part of the country’s territorial waters.

However, despite the concerns, Coveney acknowledged that states have the right to conduct naval exercises in other countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZs) under international law and stated that Ireland had been notified of the exercises in accordance with standard procedure.

A meeting with other European Union foreign ministers is scheduled for Tuesday in Brussels, where the Irish official will be present. Coveney stated that he intends to discuss the Russian naval exercises with his colleagues,

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and that he anticipates the conversation to be “dominated by the security situation in Europe, with a particular focus on Russia and Ukraine.” Coveney also stated that he intends to discuss the Russian naval exercises with his colleagues.

Moreover, Coveney stated, “I will reiterate our unequivocal support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and I will call on Russia to de-escalate tensions and engage constructively in dialogue.”

According to the United Nations’ Law of the Sea Convention, the high seas are accessible to all nations. This freedom must be exercised by all states “while taking due account of the interests of other States in their exercise on the high seas,” according to Article VI of the Treaty of the High Seas.

In a statement to reporters on Monday, Coveney said, according to CNN, “I have made it clear to the Russian ambassador in Ireland that it is not welcome.” “Now is not the time to escalate military activity and tension in the context of what is currently taking place with and in Ukraine,” the secretary-general said.

According to him, “the fact that they’re choosing to do it on the western borders, if you like,” away from EU territory and off the coast of Ireland, “is something that in our opinion is simply not welcome and not wanted right now, particularly in the coming weeks.”

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According to Coveney, the comments come at a time when tensions with Russia have risen dramatically as a result of the buildup of Russia’s military along the Ukrainian border. In a recent warning, British officials stated that they had information indicating that Russia was planning an invasion of Ukraine and the installation of a pro-Russian leader in the country.

While Russia has categorically denied any plans to invade Ukraine, Western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have begun to reduce some staffing at their embassies in Kyiv.

Ireland also updated its travel advisory for Irish citizens in Ukraine over the weekend, advising them to avoid all non-essential travel through the country if possible. All Irish citizens living in Ukraine have also been advised to register with the Irish Embassy in Kyiv, according to the Irish government.

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