RV toilet cleaning

1 week ago
I have this toilet I installed new in my RV about a year ago. The style of this toilet, and other RV toilets, is such that there is no trap (the water usage necessary to force waste through a trap would be too great when operating off a freshwater holding tank). Therefore, the only thing that prevents disgusting black tank gasses from entering the living space is the black gasket seen in the photo. When a lever is depressed the white portion in the center moves away and everything falls straight down into the tank.Anyway, after a year of use I've noticed the water no longer always stays standing in the bowl. Sometimes it works normally, other times water seeps slowly past the gasket. If water can seep down that tells me that sometimes the gasket is not sealing, and if the gasket is now always sealing, that means sometimes disgusing sewer gas can come up. I don't want my RV to smell like shit so please help. My operating theory is that there perhaps are particles of poo encrusted beneath the rim of the gasket where it seals to the white plastic bit, and this is obstructing the seal.I really don't want to replace the gasket or reach in there and mechanically investigate if I don't have to. Like I said, it sometimes works correctly, sometimes doesn't. So, at this point, what would be the best product to try cleaning/dissolving poo particles that might be in there without damaging the gasket? Bleach? White vinegar? Some other cleaning agent?Basically I'm asking what should I soak the bowl/gasket in to see if it helps. If that doesn't help I'll consider replacing the gasket at a later time. Ideas?

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