Sammy in the Fall – by Anita Bijsterbosch (Hardcover) Promos


Sammy in the Fall – by Anita Description:

Sammy in the Featured in Brianne Manz (Stroller in the City) 8 New Childrens Books for September A delightful book for pre-schoolers. Sammy the cat and his stuffed horse Hob enjoy autumn activities outside — picking apples meeting new friends (squirrel bird hedgehog) raking and playing in the leaves and collecting acorns and chestnuts. Sammy and Hob also have fun indoors making crafts using yarns and sticks. Sammy and Hobs wearing brand new raincoats and boots go back outside to play in the rain. They floated a sailboat in the puddles and jumped and splashed in them. It was perfect day! The colorful illustrations are adorable! On one of the pages young readers are asked to find the baby hedgehogs sleeping in the leaves. – Linda Van Sistine – Yost – Librarian Such a delightful autumnal read. From the colours to the activities its the perfect seasonal read. – Han Hunter – Educator This is a delightful book starring Sammy the kitty and Hob his adorable stuffed horse as they do Fall. With simple text and vibrant illustrations the author highlights the duo as they experience a variety of activities that one can participate in during the Fall season. The hardcover book has half pages that hide and reveal how Sammy and his little horse Hob enjoy Fall. Little ones will really enjoy that aspect Im sure. They have a busy day picking apples raking and jumping in the fallen leaves collecting acorns and chestnuts in a basket and then having a romp outside when a sudden rainstorm moves in. The two splash in puddles and Sammy sails a boat in a huge puddle instructing it to sail to the rainbow which has magically appeared in the sky. After an exciting but tiring day Sammy and Hob curl up with their favourite picture book and snuggle together as they read. Sleepily Sammy calls it a day…. the end of a perfect Fall day for sure. – Marilyn Panton – Reviewer Praise for Anita Bijsterboschs other work A yawner in the best sense this parade of sleepyheads isnt just a series of variations on the same motion―it offers a mix of repetition and low-key interactive surprises….Irresistibly somniferous – Kirkus Reviews The art is colorful and engaging and the simple text has a defined focus. A quick story and exercise perfect for nap or bed-time sharing. – School Library Journal Children can make … animals yawn on the subsequent pages and the effect is just as goofily charming each time. Finally its the childs turn to yawn and go to sleep piled up with all of the sleepy animals. Resistance (to yawning) is futile. – Publishers Weekly Winner of an Oppenheim Gold Award and a Kirkus Best Books Prize Bijsterbosch has established herself as an author-illustrator who understands toddlers and preschoolers their interests their developmental stages and how to convey concepts and emotions to them in books that educate and entertain. Sammy in the Fall – by Anita