Saving Washington – by Chris Formant (Hardcover) Reviews


Saving Washington – by Chris Formant (Hardcover) Description:

Saving Washington – Saving Washington Film Rights Optioned by Producer of HBOs Big Little Lies The lost story of Americas 400 Spartans–an army of unexpected heroes who changed the course of history. On a marshy Brooklyn battlefield on August 27 1776 four hundred men from Baltimore Maryland assembled to do battle against a vastly superior British army. Seemingly overnight these young soldiers had matured from naïve teenagers to perhaps the most important yet most forgotten citizen soldiers in all of American history: Americas 400 Spartans. Saving Washington follows young Joshua Bolton and his childhood friend Ben Wright a freed black man as they witness British tyranny firsthand be enraptured by the cause and ultimately enlist to defend their new nation in a battle that galvanized the American nation on the eve of its birth. Chris Formants gripping tale blends real-life historical figures and events with richly developed fictional characters in a multi-dimensional world of intrigue romance comradeship and sacrifice transporting us two-and-a-half centuries back in time to the bustling streets of Baltimore and the bloody smoke-filled carnage of battle in Brooklyn. Saving Washington – by Chris Formant (Hardcover)