Science Comics: Trees – by Andy Hirsch (Paperback) Price


Science Comics: Trees – by Andy Hirsch Description:

Science Comics: Trees Praise for the Science Comics series: This series–written by a handful of authors–seems determined to offer a useful introduction to anything a curious grade-school student might wonder about. The insight behind these books is a powerful one. So much information about the world around us is actually better conveyed visually through charts illustrations and sequential panels than purely using words. –New York Times Like having a Time Life Science Library in comic books. Which is awesome! –Popular Science Praise for Science Comics: Trees: A 2018 Booklist Editors Choice Books for Youth Selection Trees are amazing plants–they even communicate with each other thanks to a vast network of fungi that link forests together–and Hirschs playful enthusiastic tone makes that unmistakeably clear. –Booklist starred review Another winner in the series this title is an excellent addition to most libraries.-School Library Journal starred review Science Comics: Trees – by Andy Hirsch