Seamanship – by Adam Nicolson (Paperback) Best


Seamanship – by Adam Nicolson (Paperback) Description:

Seamanship – by From Lands End to Cape Clear past Roaringwater Bay and Cods Head on past Inishvickillane and Inishtooskert up through the Hebrides to Orkney and on to the Faeroes stretches the richest and wildest coastline in Europe. Adam Nicolson decided to sail this coast in the Auk a 42-foot wooden ketch embarking on a 1500-mile voyage through what he hoped would be a sequence of revelatory landscapes. He was not disappointed. Seamanship is more than a travel journal. It describes an inner journey as much as an outer one–disasters and discoveries powerful landscapes and modern visionaries and encounters with the animals living on the wild edge of the Atlantic. Above all it is about the gaps that open up between those who go and those who stay at home. Seamanship in the end is not about the sea. Its about being alive. Seamanship – by Adam Nicolson (Paperback)