Shadow Weaver – Reprint (Shadow Weaver) by MarcyKate Connolly (Paperback) Promos


Shadow Weaver – Reprint (Shadow Weaver) by Description:

Shadow Weaver – Fans of Coraline Doll Bones and The Night Gardener will devour this award winning dark fantasy about twelve-year-old Emmeline who is desperate to save the only friend she has … her own shadow. But what happens when her shadow starts craving a life of its own? A Texas Bluebonnet Nominee Emmelines gift to control and manipulate shadows makes her the subject of mockery…and fear. Forbidden to leave home by her parents Emmelines closest confidant is her own shadow Dar. When a noble stranger visits and offers her parents a cure Emmeline is terrified of losing her power–and her only friend. So Dar proposes a deal: she will change the nobles mind if Emmeline will help her be flesh. When the man ends up in a coma Emmeline is stunned–and blamed. Now forced to flee her only hope of clearing her name is to find a way to give the shadow shes no longer sure she can trust what it craves–life. With the gripping feel of a new classic award winning Shadow Weaver will enthrall middle school readers who love fantasy magic and danger. Perfect for 5th grade and above. Shadow Weaver – Reprint (Shadow Weaver) by