Shivers!: The Pirate Book Youve Been Looking for – (Shivers! 3) by Annabeth Bondor-Stone & Connor White (Hardcover) Discounts


Shivers!: The Pirate Book Youve Been Looking Description:

Shivers!: The Pirate Shivers the pirate whos afraid of everything is back in his third laugh-filled illustrated adventure from Story Pirates stars Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White. Can Shivers and his friends cure the curse cast by the most pungent ghost of all time Quincy Thomas the Pirate? Now that Shivers has a brand-new just built scare-proof ship the Groundhog things have FINALLY taken a turn for the cozy. Theres just one problem–not a SINGLE drop of water can fall on the ships deck for its whole first day a-sail or the pirate who owns it will be CURSED. Theres just one more problem–on Shiverss first night on the ship theres the biggest thunderstorm since ol Davey Jones opened his locker for the first time. Now guess whos about to get cursed? With his best friend Margo and loyal fishmate Albee to pull him up by his bunny slippers Shivers and his fellow buccaneers belly flop into another adventure filled with soggy socks and posh poodles to sniff out the pungent ghost of Quincy Thomas the Pirate to cast off the curse before he stinks up the Groundhogs poop deck for all of eternity! Its another hilarious highly illustrated adventure from the Story Pirates themselves and stars of KidLitTVs The Truth About Libraries Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White. Shivers!: The Pirate Book Youve Been Looking