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Single Mom Gives Birth to 44 Children by the Time She’s 40, Doctors Forbid Her to Have More. Viral News


A mother’s love for her children is unending, as demonstrated by a Ugandan mother who has proven this belief to be correct. Marian Nabatanzi is a single mother raising a large family in the impoverished Kasawo hamlet, which is located close to the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

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She was barely 12 years old when she was sold into marriage to a guy who was nearly four times her own age. She gave birth to her first pair of twins a year later, and then to quads, triplets, and even more sets of twins in the following years.

Mariam Nabatanzi
Single Mom Gives Birth to 44 Children by the Time She’s 40, Doctors Forbid Her to Have More

Nabatanzi was suffering from a rare genetic disease known as “hyper ovulation,” which is characterized by the production of an excessive number of eggs. A local doctor told her that using birth control techniques could cause serious complications for her large ovaries if she continued to use them.

In her heart, the loving mother aspires for her children to live a life full of chances and experiences.

The majority of her earnings are spent on food, medical care, clothing, and school expenses. Her home is decorated with photographs of some of her children who have graduated from high school. She and her children are forced to live in confined quarters in four tiny dwellings because of the difficult conditions they face.

The buildings, which are constructed of cement bricks with corrugated iron roofs, are surrounded by coffee plantations. Her children are aware of her difficulties, as articulated by one of them:

“Mum is overwhelmed, and the job is crushing her. We assist her where we can, such as with cooking and laundry, but she is still responsible for the entire household. I really feel sorry for her.”

In Nabatanzi’s case, it was a difficult upbringing. Nabatanzi’s mother abandoned her and her siblings only three days after the birth of her daughter. After her father’s remarriage, Nabatanzi’s stepmother poisoned Nabatanzi’s five brothers by adding glass fragments into their food.

Following the birth of her first set of twins, she continued to have children. Nabatanzi had given birth to 44 children by the time she was 36, with just 38 of them living to adulthood. Unfortunately, her unstable husband abandoned her and her children six years ago, leaving them to fend for themselves in a foreign country.

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Nabatanzi has produced three sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets, and six sets of twins, earning her the title of “world’s most fertile lady.” The dedicated mother toils tirelessly to make ends meet and provide for her large family of nine children.

The bereaved woman recounted that she was seven years old at the time and was unable to comprehend what death meant to her. Having experienced a childhood filled with loss and suffering, Nabatanzi desired to be a mother and have a family of her own.

She had only wished for six children, but her genetic issue made things more difficult, resulting in a large family.

Ugandan households are made up of big families, with women having an average of 5.6 children. Nabatanzi’s family, on the other hand, was far larger than the average family size in her hometown. Nabatanzi was 23 years old and already a mother to 25 children when she went to her doctor for advice on how to avoid having any more children.

However, because of her high ovarian count, she was advised that the best thing for her would be to continue becoming pregnant. The walls of Nabatanzi’s four tiny dwellings are caked with mud and grime, and there isn’t enough space for everyone to live comfortably.

Her children assist her with household chores and errands. On Saturdays, according to a sign placed on the board, Nabatanzi and the children collaborate on projects.

It was about six years ago that she was pregnant with her second set of twins and lost one of her children. It was also at this period that her husband abandoned her and her children. The single mother was relieved that he was no longer around since she was finally free of his abuse.

After her last child was born, doctors went into action and prevented her from having any further children with him. It was conveyed to me by Nabatanzi that they severed her uterus from the inside.

Her children sleep in metal bunk beds, on mattresses shared on the floor, or in the dirt, depending on their age. Fish and meat are provided for by the huge family, which subsists on 25kgs of maize flour per day. Nabatanzi, who is also known as “Mama Uganda,” wishes her children a good and prosperous future in her native Uganda.

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