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Sixty-two Percent of the Workforce Is Placing a Risky Bet on Social Security


The Most Important Points

  • Too many Americans overestimate how much money they will get from Social Security.
  • Retirement savings may be at risk as a result of this.
  • Workers need to know the truth about the program’s earnings.
  • For the first time, the Motley Fool has issued an “All In” buy recommendation.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough money saved up. A deadly misunderstanding about Social Security is leading some Americans to miscalculate their retirement savings, which might leave them unable to meet their basic living expenses.

This prevalent misunderstanding about Social Security benefits is something you owe it to yourself to clear up, so don’t let it deceive you.

Sixty-two Percent of the Workforce Is Placing a Risky Bet on Social Security

An Expensive Price to Pay for Believing This Social Security Urban Legend:

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It was revealed in August of last year by a trade group called the Insured Retirement Institute that 62% of current workers feel that they can downsize and live off of their Social Security income alone if they run out of funds during the retirement years.

Is it feasible to reduce the size of a company so much that this can be achieved? As a result, Social Security is not supposed to be the primary source of support for retirees; it will not pay enough to cover the necessities for most pensioners.

The program is aimed to offer around half of the minimal amount of income that most elderly people require. Experts generally recommend replacing 80 percent of pre-retirement income after leaving employment, while Social Security is meant to replace about 40 percent. Consequently, retirees would be forced to live on less than half of their pre-retirement income without additional savings.

Even if you downsized significantly by moving to a less expensive residence and eliminating most of your entertainment spending, you’ll likely find that you couldn’t save enough money to make it work.

And if you’re a retiree, your healthcare bills are almost certainly going to skyrocket, making your situation much worse. According to a recent AARP research, older Americans on average spend more than 30 percent of their Social Security benefits on healthcare alone.

Even without accounting for inflation or the taxes you pay on your Social Security payments, it’s clear to see why this isn’t a viable option. The numbers just don’t add up.

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Social Security Benefits Alone Will Not Sustain You

You can’t merely downsize and rely on Social Security if you have a little investment account. The quality of your life is likely to suffer if you put yourself in that situation.

When it comes to saving for the future, you should treat it like a bill that you can’t skip. That’s exactly what you’re doing because you owe it to your future self to be able to meet the basics when your earnings are no longer flowing.

Sixty-two Percent of the Workforce Is Placing a Risky Bet on Social Security

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