Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert – by Morag Hood (Hardcover) Price


Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert – by Morag Description:

Sophie Johnson Unicorn This storys protagonist is extremely serious about her favorite subject: Every waking moment is spent conducting research about and training the 17 unicorns in her midst. From a stuffed rabbit with a carrot held on by a headband and a toy ambulance outfitted with a toothbrush to a baby sibling with a cone tied to their bold dome everything in Sophies orbit bes a captive student unicorn. Leading by example the earnest girl in oversized spectacles lectures her unicorns on how to stalk food with a bow and arrow and how to avoid balloons all the while managing horn regrowth. Soon the willing playmates notice an actual unicorn first spotted carrying a rainbow suitcase and strolling in the cotton-candy and candy-cane forest on the title page. The silent creature sits in on the classes wide-eyed and observant but Sophie is too absorbed in her mission to notice. White backgrounds showcase the individual and joint activities of the lively figures as the understated first-person narrative unfolds. Okstad creates depth and energy by foregrounding solid colors and placing pastel patterns floating shapes and architectural details outlined in thin black lines in the background…From the sparkling shower of confetti on the book cover to the high-octane antics of an obsessed fan in a flower-petal tutu this imaginative tale of a unicorn (non)sighting will appeal to the legions of fellow enthusiasts.–Kirkus 8/15/18 Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert – by Morag