Space Atlas Second Edition – 2nd Edition by James Trefil (Hardcover) Compare


Space Atlas Second Edition – 2nd Edition Description:

Space Atlas Second This second edition of whats now be a classic off-Earth atlas runs the gamut from constellation star guides to annotated planetary maps based on the latest wave of space missions (including Messengers voyage to Mercury and New Horizons flyby of Pluto). Because its a National Geographic production there are lots of magazine-quality photos and sumptuous graphics. -GeekWire Full of charts maps and stunning photographs the Space Atlas is a deeply informative and beautiful book…Anything notable in space gets a proper treatment in this book and the depth of information is incredible all while remaining accessible and easy to understand. National Geographics Space Atlas combines updated maps lavish photographs and elegant illustrations to chart the solar system the universe and beyond…For this new edition and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his moonwalk astronaut and American hero Buzz Aldrin offers a new special section on Earths Moon and its essential role in space exploration past and future. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy reading Buzz Aldrins forward I really loved losing a sense of time and space staring at the nearly sparkling images of nebulae in the book. Author James Trefil educates us and pushes the limits of the readers imagination. You will love this book! -EDN Network This new edition captures the latest discoveries and describes what they will mean to our future with beautiful images and perspectives that make this an essential book to have – on paper – in your home. -SciFi Generation I dont often tell you to go out and get yourself a copy but in this case I have to stress it and tell you that you would be missing out so much if you didnt get a copy of this brilliant book for your own home. – Diary of a Stay at Home Mom It is SO WORTH IT…I personally love the star charts and foreword by Buzz Aldrin. –Instagram: @notthepathtonarnia This book has a way of touching your soul and making you think. -Ms. Nose in a Book You guys…this book is gorgeous! It is coffee table eye candy!…For me this book would be totally worth the price for the images alone. -Jackie Reads Books If space interests you at all even a little this book is a must-have. -Literary Quicksand Space Atlas Second Edition – 2nd Edition