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Spy School – by Denis Bukin (Hardcover) Description:

Spy School – Learn the secrets to a vastly improved memory and see if you have what it takes to be a Russian spy in this found KGB manual–a #1 bestseller in Russia. When most people think of the word spy they imagine gadgets – laser pens and exploding cigarette lighters – but the most important piece of equipment an agent has is their brain. Memory is vital to the work of an agent. The need for total secrecy often prevents them from recording anything so operatives have to rely on their brains to retain and reproduce an incredible amount of information with absolute accuracy. Inside this book we will teach you how to enhance your memory and sharpen your mind with a range of exercises developed over many years and used to train the most skillful spies the world has ever seen. You will develop skills tested in the most extreme of environments and unlock the full capability of your brain. Full of puzzles tests tricks and brain hacks all interspersed with a cold war spy story the Russian bestselling phenomenon Spy School is now translated into English for the first time. Spy School – by Denis Bukin (Hardcover)