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Start Where You Are – by Pema Description:

Start Where You Pema Chödröns perennially helpful guide to transforming the pains and difficulties in our lives into opportunities for genuine joy and personal growth We all want to be fearless joyful and fully alive. And we all know that its not so easy. Were bombarded every day with false promises of ways to make our lives better–buy this go here eat this dont do that; the list goes on and on. But Pema Chödrön shows that until we get to the heart of who we are and really make friends with ourselves everything we do will always be superficial. Here she offers down-to-earth guidance on how we can go beyond the fleeting attempts to fix our pain and instead to take our lives as they are as the only path to achieve what we all yearn for most deeply–to embrace rather than deny the difficulties of our lives. These teachings framed around fifty-nine traditional Tibetan Buddhist maxims point us directly to our own hearts and minds such as Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment Be grateful to everyone and Dont expect applause. By working with these slogans as everyday meditations Start Where You Are shows how we can all develop the courage to work with our own inner pain and discover true joy holistic well-being and unshakeable confidence. Start Where You Are – by Pema