Steve Canyon Volume 9: 1963-1964 – by Milton Caniff (Hardcover) Discounts


Steve Canyon Volume 9: 1963-1964 – by Description:

Steve Canyon Volume An ongoing comic serial of adventure romance intrigue and patriotism that unfolded over 40 years appealing to both comics afficianados and active military and veterans. Six white horses laid a President to rest as a nation wept but Milton Caniff knew that a man-and a nation-must carry on. In these stories from 1963-64 the globetrotting Steve Canyon foils diabolical enemy plots in half a dozen countries. Steve goes undercover in Turkey tries not to get clawed by his old friend Cheetah during an encounter in western Mexico and tackles a communist plot in Africa. After being embroiled in a royal family feud in the fictional kingdom of Mahnay Canyon has his first brush with military action in a small Indochinese country-Vietnam! Things are no quieter on the home front as Copper Calhoon and Summer Olsen have it out while cousin Poteet helps uncover a foreign agent planted at the 1964 Worlds Fair. Its action humor and mystery in the distinctive Caniff style in these never-before-reprinted daily and full-color Sunday comics. Steve Canyon Volume 9: 1963-1964 – by