Stick Together – (Awkward Squad) by Sophie Henaff (Hardcover) Coupons


Stick Together – (Awkward Squad) by Sophie Description:

Stick Together – Officer Anne Capestan and her squad of misfits must turn their attention to a more personal case–the murder of Capestans ex-husbands father a lifelong member of the Paris police force who had no shortage of enemies. After their successful solving of three cold cases and exposing corruption at the very highest levels of the Paris police force Officer Anne Capestans team of oddballs and no-hopers should be in a celebratory mood. However now despised by their colleagues at 36 quai des Orfevres and worried for their future morale has never been lower among the members of the Awkward Squad. Capestan is doing her best to motivate the team but even she cannot maintain a cheerful facade when she has been assigned to investigate the murder of Officer Serge Rufus the father of her ex-husband. Worse it soon appears that his murder is linked to two other victims both of whom were warned by the killer before they struck. Can Capestan marshal the forces to solve another hopeless mystery or will her teams previous success be proven just a fluke? Stick Together – (Awkward Squad) by Sophie