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Students Should Get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check: Who Is at Risk and How Do I Get One? |Updated


Some students are receiving stimulus checks despite the fact that federal funds are not coming from the federal government. Santa Barbara City College will provide the students with this financial incentive (SBCC). The CARES/HEERF Emergency Grants will provide students with this SBCC coronavirus stimulus check. SBCC is currently accepting applications from students for this coronavirus stimulus grant.

Who Is Eligible for the Sbcc Coronavirus Stimulus?

Coronavirus pandemic resulted in a $7 million federal grant for SBCC. Students at the City College of New York are receiving $1,000 to $3,000 in aid from this fund. It’s not too late to apply for the CARES/HEERF Emergency Grants Spring 2022, but students must do so before February 17 at 12 p.m.

Students who are enrolled in at least three credits are eligible for the SBCC coronavirus stimulus grant. Coronavirus pandemic victims are urged to apply for this no-strings-attached financial assistance program.

Students Should Get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check: Who Is at Risk and How Do I Get One? |Updated

Regulations governing the use of these funds must be adhered to by the College. As a result, students requesting an emergency grant must submit a short application, according to a press release from SBCC.

The college says it won’t know how many students will receive this grant until it runs out of money. Non-credit students are advised to keep an eye on their school email and City College’s social media pages for updates on when to submit their applications.

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In a press release, SBCC advises non-credit students to “monitor Pipeline email and social media for announcements on when to apply.”

Three rounds of federal funding have already been distributed to students at SBCC since the outbreak of the pandemic in April.

For access to the CARES application, students must be logged into their Pipeline account, according to SBCC’s instructions. The application will block access from any other email accounts, so the college recommends using a computer or laptop to access it.

Students Should Get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check: Who Is at Risk and How Do I Get One? |Updated

Students should first log into the VDI before accessing the application, the press release advises, as this will ensure they are logged into Pipeline.

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For example, the SBCC notes that it will take into account factors such as the impact of coronavirus on the student’s life, students who are eligible for Pell Grants, students who are eligible for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG), and more when processing an application.

Students should check their SBCC Pipeline email regularly to see if there have been any changes to their application status. It will appear in the student’s account’s financial aid section if he or she receives an SBCC coronavirus stimulus check.

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