The Artist Orthodontist – by Stuart Frost (Paperback) Reviews


The Artist Orthodontist – by Stuart Frost Description:

The Artist Orthodontist More Than Just Straightening Teeth Theres a stigma attached to braces that may discourage patients from wanting them. They may have it in their minds that its painful its tedious or that theyll be stuck in them for years on end without being able to eat their favorite foods. Maybe theyre afraid their peers will judge them at school or in the workplace. But orthodontics has come a long way. Dr. Stuart Frost is a pioneer of art in orthodontics and focuses on helping his patients in any way he can to create an amazing smile he calls a Frostsmile. In The Artist Orthodontist: Creating An Artistic Smile Is More Than Just Straightening Teeth! youll learn everything you need to know about orthodontic treatment including: – how orthodontics today is kinder and gentler – the relationship between sleep apnea and orthodontics and – the beauty and technicality behind an amazing Frostsmile. A mouthful of clunky painful and troublesome braces is a thing of the past. Learn how orthodontics can set you on the path to succeed in your life one smile at a time. The Artist Orthodontist – by Stuart Frost