The Babysitter from Another Planet – by Stephen Savage (Hardcover) Promos


The Babysitter from Another Planet – by Description:

The Babysitter from The kids are in for a treat when their parents leave them with a babysitter who is truly out of this world–an alien! A Golden Duck Notable Picture Book When their parents go out for the evening a brother and sister are left with a babysitter unlike any theyve ever had before–an alien from another planet! But even though she seems a little strange the kids quickly see that this babysitter can make anything fun…even brushing their teeth and doing their homework. This story is literally E.T. meets Mary Poppins and as soon as the Babysitter from Another Planet is gone the kids cant wait for her to come back again. With references to everything from 50s Science Fiction movies (sure to produce a chuckle from knowing parents) to ET bestselling author Stephen Savage has produced a visual and verbal tour de force that will have kids begging for more. An ILA-CBC Childrens Choice! A CBC Childrens Choice Book Awards Finalist The Babysitter from Another Planet – by