The Beauty on HBO Max's Legendary Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen on TV Before

1 week ago

HBO Max's new show Legendary is unlike anything you've ever seen on TV before. The new series highlights the underground ballroom community, a culture that focuses on performance, art, and fashion, as different voguing houses compete in balls with dance challenges and runway shows.

As the name suggests, everything about the show is legendary - from the choreographed dance routines to the costumes and our personal favorite, the beauty looks. As the eight voguing houses - the House of Balmain, House of Escada, House of Gucci, House of Lanvin, House of Ninja, House of Ebony, House of St. Laurent, and House of West - compete against each other for the ultimate prize of $100,000, they have to come up with a different look and theme for each ball. That's where La Sonya Gunter, the hair and makeup department head of the show (and also Billy Porter's makeup artist), comes in.

Keep reading to hear more about the most memorable makeup looks from Legendary and what went into bringing those over-the-top looks to life.


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