The Beginners Guide to Crystals – by Lisa Butterworth (Paperback) Promos


The Beginners Guide to Crystals – by Description:

The Beginners Guide From amethyst to zincite black onyx to rose quartz The Beginners Guide to Crystals is a full-color photographic guide to more than 60 stunning crystals and their emotional spiritual and physical healing benefits. The beauty and allure of these ancient stones are explored in this introductory guide to understanding crystals and their many uses. Harness the healing power of these minerals by using them as a talisman for protection to manifest intentions to bring calmness and tranquility and to enhance concentration and creativity. Complete with clean modern photographs of each mineral and stone the crystal profiles contain accessible information on color chakra origin unique magical healing qualities and uses at work at home and in your personal life. With tips for building and maintaining a collection as well as performing crystal rituals for metaphysical healing The Beginners Guide to Crystals provides everything you need to experience the wide range of benefits these stones offer. Whether used to treat physical ailments like hypertension high blood pressure and circulatory issues or to soothe emotional issues such as anxiety fear and stress this guide will introduce you to the perfect crystal for bringing wellness and balance to your life. The Beginners Guide to Crystals – by