The best new concealers for all skin tones | Sali Hughes

1 week ago

Superlative colour correctors that blend perfectly without cracking or caking

I haven’t written about concealer in a while, but a new discovery has, very happily, forced my hand. I’d been meaning to try Stay Woke Concealer (£21, 5ml) by Uoma (an independent, black-owned makeup brand) for ages, but a previous experience with another of their products had left me cautious in selecting a colour. I found that everything in Uoma runs a shade darker than most brands, which is no hardship when factored in and shouldn’t be an obstacle in trying what is a superlative concealer. An opportune browse in Selfridges gave me a better look, so I went for Fair Lady T1 and I’m so thrilled with my purchase that I’ve just ordered a spare.

Stay Woke is creamier than most, and blends perfectly, brightening greyness noticeably, before staying exactly where you want it (no chasing around the face, waiting for it to sit still). The finish is what I’d call flexible: it moves comfortably with an expressive face and doesn’t crack or cake, even on dry skin. It’s my dream concealer.

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